risk assessment

Excursion Risk Management Plan Proforma

Name of school: Excursion Fun school

Name of principal: Mathew Jacobs

Description and location of excursion: Royal Botanic Gardens, located in Sydney Harbour

Date(s) of excursion: NA

Group/class: Year 3/4A                        Number in group/class: 30

Name of excursion coordinator: Peggy Cato

Contact number: NA

Accompanying staff, parents, caregivers, volunteers: 2 parents and 1 teacher




Hazard Identification


Risk Assessment Use matrix

Elimination or Control Measures




Walking to and from transport

- Student could get hit by transport

- Uneven footpaths

- Crowds of people about




- Brief students on how to behave in public and around people.

- Parents and teachers supervising the excursion.

- Instruct students to be a safe distance from transport vehicle.

- Remain on pedestrian pathways and use pedestrian crossings.




Prior to walk

Coach transport to venue

-Boarding Transport

- Vehicle Accidents



- Be certain that any driver has valid license and insurance

- If seatbelts are available, check the availability to all students

- Enforce that seatbelts must be worn

- Vehicle must be appropriate for the group for example wheel chair accessible.

- Monitor group behaviour and enforce rules.

Excursion Coordinator


Prior to Booking

on excursion


Walking around the gardens

- uneven footpaths

- stairs



- Monitor students and behaviour

- Wear enclosed footwear suitable for walking, clothing to protect arms and legs and suitable for changing weather conditions

-    Check weather forecast on day of excursion

-    Ensure participants carry water bottle.





Excursion coordinator





On walk

Prior to walk

Walking close to the little visitor train

- Students getting hit by the train




- Make sure students walk in straight lines to avoid and to the left of the footpath to view oncoming traffic such as other visitors and the train.


Excursion coordinator and parents

On excursion

Walking close to the waters edges, including the harbour, lakes and ponds

- Students could fall into the water



- Observe and keep students at all times a safe distance from water edges.

- Ensure responsible adult is with each group.

- Prior to leaving, brief the students on staying away and keeping safe distances from water edges


Excursion coordinator and parents

On excursion

Prior to excursion

Being in close proximity to animal life

- Animal life attacking students, including insect bites


-    Observe students at all times.

-    Brief students on keeping away and not touching the animals.

Responsible adults on the excursion

Prior and on excursion

Being in close proximity to all variety of plants

- Students eating parts of plants, thinking they were bush food

- Students hurting themselves by touching sharp plants



- Observe and make sure students do not touch the plants in any harmful or aggressive manner.

Excursion coordinator

Whilst on excursion,

Diet and food during the excursion

- Student allergies to certain food products


- Confirm with parents and caregivers if any student has a known allergy.

- Ensure responsible adult is with each group.

- Scan the area for where eating will be for remains of known food, which cause allergies for students.

- Ensure someone trained in medical procedures (use of Epipen) attends

- Discuss with the class the importance of eating only their own food.


Excursion coordinator





Prior to excursion


On excursion


Prior to excursion


Participating in a paid lesson, completed by the Botanic Gardens Trust.

- All aspects of the lesson are safe for the students


- Look at the risk assessment completed by the Botanic Gardens Trust, identifying that they have taken all safety precautions and staff are all trained appropriately.

Excursion coordinator

Prior to the excursion

Venue and safety information reviewed and attached: Yes / No

Plan prepared by: Peggy Cato                                                    Position: 3/4 A teacher                                  Date: 23rd June

Prepared in consultation with: Darrel King

Communicated to: Teachers and parents

Monitor and Review - Monitor the effectiveness of controls and change if necessary. Review the risk assessment if an incident or a significant change occurs.