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Setting our sights on sites

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Unit Overview
The following integrated unit of work is designed to be implemented alongside the Human Society and its Environment Unit titled “Australia: You’re standing in it!” (NSW BOS, 1998, p.81), as the number of lessons needed to successfully implement it, extend beyond the scope of this assignment. 

Students will be provided with opportunities to explore natural, heritage and built features in Australia. This unit focuses on investigating and evaluating the significance of particular sites and places and what people value about them. In addition, students will be provided with opportunities to explore a range of texts and images with the aim of increasing their understanding of written, visual and multi-modal texts. Students will particularly explore how different texts aim to persuade and create affect. 

Integrating these Literacy practices, students will develop their own persuasive multi-modal text pertaining to an Australian Site that students deem to be pertinent to our identity. The development of this product will be scaffolded throughout the unit of work and will aim to persuade viewers about the importance of the site featured within and the need for it to be heritage listed. 

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