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Math Word Study

    This is a growing list of words that each student should know.  They do not need to be able to spell them correctly.  They do however need to be able to apply them.  I will add new words as we learn them and put them in our Word Study Notebook.  When their Word Study grade comes from their Math curriculum the test will be over the application of 10 of these words of my choice.

factor                        array                Commutative Property of Multiplication            factor pair         product

sum                           odd number               even number            remainder               divisible by

prime number      composite number        Associative Property     square number             exponent     estimate          difference          median          range          algorithm          partial sum

variable          open number sentence          relation symbol          operation symbol            maximum       minimum       mean       mode

acute angle       right angle       obtuse angle       reflex angle       straight angle       protractor       compass       radius       diameter  




Things to Know:

Homework has begun!  Your student should be bringing homework home for Math every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.  This is a responsibility grade as much as it is great practice for them.  All assignments for the week are given on Monday, or the first day of school for the week.  They will not have homework over the weekends or on days we are out of school.  Each day is a percentage of the overall weekly grade.  Example:  If there are 4 days of homework for a particular week each days homework will be worth 25% of their homework grade for the week.  Late homework is not accepted unless a student is absent.  They know in advance what is expected.  If you have any questions about this please call or email me.  Your encouragement for your child to complete all homework is much appreciated.