About Me

Getting to Know Penz!
Basic Information  
Name: Roxanne Murray Penz
Position: Theatre Director
Number of Years Taught: 17
Number of Years Taught in Frisco: starting on my 14th year in Frisco
Where Were You Born: Dallas
Family: Married, 2 Children
Pets: Golden Retriever, Blue Heeler Chihuahua

Place to Be:                           




Beach, Mountains

Blue, Gold, Burgundy

Mexican, Italian, (Vegetarian)

Beverage: Dr. Pepper, Herbal Tea: Peppermint, Chai, Ginger
Candy: Snickers, Almond Joy, Reese's, Chocolate with nuts
TV Show: Top Chef, Psyche, Project Runway, The Amazing Race, Mythbusters,
Sherlock Homes (BBC Version), Elementary, Will & Grace, Expedition Unknown, Cutthroat Kitchen, Grocery Games
Movie: The Princess Bride, Bond anything, Under the Tuscan Sun, Auntie Mame, Christmas movies, Penguins of Madagascar, Pirates of the Caribbean
Music: Everything but very hard metal
Band: Too many to list: BNL, The Rat Pack, Pink, Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, Cher, The Monkees,
  Maroon 5, Weird Al, and on and on and on…..
Books: The Princess Bride, A good mystery, anything that I have time to read
Stores: If I had an open budget - Mood Fabrics, Michael's, Thrift stores, Williams-Sonoma, IKEA, Flea Markets, Sprouts, JCPenney, Hershey World,
  The Container Store, Bath & Body Works, Sprinkles, Claire's, See's Candies
Dislikes: Meat (vegetarian, obviously), Dark Chocolate, Coke, Artificially sugar
Memorable Vacations: England, Scotland, Cape Cod, San Francisco, going cross country with my mother, going cross country with my children, Hershey World, Graceland,
  First time I visited NYC
Dream Job: Full time Improv troupe, Pastry Chef on a tropical island, travel writer with a big budget
Most Memorable Moment: Birth of my children, my wedding, cross country theatre touring production
Anything Else You Want People Love animals, collect dolls, sew and design costumes,
to Know About You: loves to bake, wants to travel the world