What is Wester Middle School Theatre?

Wester Theatre Arts programs prepares students for a career in performing as well as honing skills for any profession that the student will be pursuing. With an average of 5 shows produced yearly, the Theatre students have ample opportunity to take the “spotlight” and succeed. The skills addressed in the classes Theatre I, Theatre II, and Theatre III teach the various levels of skill sets needed for performance on stage to performance in a board room. The variety of topics covered range from simply standing up in front of your peers and conquering stage fright to full character believability in a main stage production. Each student is supported and encouraged to be the best that they can be and target their particular talents from back stage work to on stage performing. Everything from Theatre History to using Personal Resources to Improvisation to Pantomime to Character Development is addressed. “Real world” examples and applications are applied regularly and student participation is expected and rewarded.


Theatre I  is the introductory course that covers the very basics of performing work from vocal support to reading a script to group ensemble to on stage performances. II continues to the next level with more in-depth projects and performances. Productions is a production class where the student utilizes all previously taught and rehearsed skills and continues to hone them. The three levels combined prepare the students to continue on the performance track into high school and beyond. Many of the Wester students go on to succeed and win awards on the high school and college level and beyond. Networks are formed on this level that continue through the students’ academic life and on. Tech explores all the behind-the-scene work that it takes to make a production. Make-up, costumes, lights, sound, set design, and publicity will be addressed.