All the things that you need to know about permaculture design.

If someone ask you to describe the term Permaculture as a system then you would obviously say that it is basically an idea to use the land that is totally based upon the natural energy system and material will flow from inside the nature. If you see Permaculture as a system then you will notice that It is one of the most analytic, holistic and the best planned methodologies in the world. Permaculture is not a thing which is limited to the exact method which is used in production, but you can say that it is a land that is used in planning viewpoint. Its principles might also be adapted to the farms, individual, homes, cities and neighborhood worldwide. It is really very situation specific, such as it is adaptable to the local micro climates of the cities, the diverse cultures, and the different techniques used in production.


Back in the times people used to focus on encouraging the integration of the wastes of plants and both the animal and human manures into composts for the conditioning of soil. As we all know today that, this method is also used to restore the fertility of the soil safely. It is also one of the natural things that is better than any of the expensive chemical fertilizers that are made to do that.



Permaculture, by default, puts more of the importance on its design, and very less on considering the health requirements and properties of various plants. Some of the people say that Permaculture always favors more perennials instead of the annuals and while you can see that is true because you can see in most of the circumstances annuals have an important role to play in the systems of permaculture. Gardens that are without the salad crops, summer vegetables or the herbs like basil, parsley, and without the beans would surely be on the breadline.


Most of the gardeners that are doing home gardening are growing tomatoes, beans, peas which are annuals, and generally the use of growing Legumes in the garden is that it gives support to provide nitrogen supply. Annuals, perennials and biennials grouped together are the best combination to do the organic gardening successfully.


Most of the people will agree to the fact that being total self-sufficient is an impossible goal because you are having an average backyard, however, you should always try to be self-sufficient in some of the areas. It is not impossible for every nation that it should be self-sufficient in the terms of food production in general. Countries like Australia can really be self-sufficient for the production of vegetable, seeds and fruits. Permaculture Australia provides you with the best results.


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