PE with Mrs. Bake

Week #1 Activity List

Use the list below to complete at least 30 minutes a day of physical activity. Don't forget to track

your activities and minutes in your log. Please remember to be safe, responsible, and practice social distancing.

1. Outdoor activity of your choice - Whatever you already do with your family to be active!

2. Jumping Jack Challenge! Throughout the day do 200 jumping jacks! You can do them in sets of 10, 20,

25, 50!

3. Play a game of catch! Any ball or safe object will do. Focus on form. Step to your target and follow

through. Challenge: after 3 successful catches take a step back.

4. Take a 15-minute WOG! A WOG is a combination of WALK and JOG. Begin walking. Then, lean forward

and pick up the speed just a little. It’s okay to take short, quick steps. If you can go 1 mile in just under

15 minutes, then you’ve set a good WOGGING pace.

5. Push-Up Points! You get 1 point for every perfect push-up you complete today. Complete them in sets of

10. Spread your sets throughout the entire day. Write down how many points you get and then try to

break your record on another day.

6. Move safely with Balance. Do 3 of the locomotor skills below. Ask someone to give you a balance score

(1–10). 1=You Fell Down 10=Perfect Balance Locomotor Choices: Gallop, Hop, Jump, Leap, Skip,


7. Go For a Walk! Go for a 20-minute walk with an adult family member or friend. Ask them to tell you a

funny story from their childhood.

8. Hopscotch for Health! Legend tells us that hopscotch was a fitness drill used to train warriors and

knights. We just think it’s fun and helps to keep us active and strong. Play a round of hopscotch with a

friend or family member.

9. Make a list and check it twice! Find a friend or family member to be active with during summertime.

Together, create a list of the “Top 5 Ways You’ll Be Active Together.” Choose a variety of activities to

help keep your heart healthy and your muscles strong.

10. Free Dance