Social Studies Fair

Useful Information

The Paw Paw Schools Social Studies Fair will be held on January 22, 2019. 


This is a rather large project, so please use the resources provided. Feel free to contact Mrs. Phillips with any further questions.



WV State Social Studies Fair Website: This provides overall information for the state fair.

Student Information: This provides important information for all students. Abstracts are available to download from this site.

Previous Winners: This is a list of winning projects from 2017. Students may use this list to gain ideas for their project.


Timeline:(Dates subject to change)

November 8, 2018:     Potluck Dinner @ 5:30 pm to discuss SS Fair

November 16, 2018:   Students will turn in topics, category, purpose, and essential questions page.

December 14, 2018:   Students will turn in the research that answers their essential questions.

December 19, 2018:   Summary is due.

January 5, 2019:          Conclusion is due.

January 8, 2019:          Bibliography is due.

January 14, 2019:        Abstract and Speech are due!

January 17, 2019:        Display Boards are to be completed for class presentations.

January 18, 2019:        School Social Studies Fair

January 22, 2019:        Snow day makeup for school fair

February 9, 2019:        County Social Studies Fair