China Map Worksheet


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Physical Map of China


1.  China is surrounded by water on the east coast and mountains to the south, west, and north.  Where do you think most people live and why?


2. Where do most of the rivers start in China, and where do most of them end?


3.  What important human activity do you think rivers play a role in, in China?


4.  What are the major five rivers in China?


5.  The Himalayas are the worlds largest mountain range, why would China not be worried about attack from peoples on the other side of them?


Map of the Languages


1. Form the map you can tell that China has many languages? What problems do you think that can cause? Give three examples?


2. Do you think there is any advantage to have multiple languages in a country as big as china or even the U.S?



China Agriculture Map

1.  Where does most of the agriculture in China take place?


2.  What is the predominate crop in the north, and the south?


3. Where do you think most people in China live, and why?


China Population Map

1. Where do most people live? Where you right or wrong on your guess?


2. Purple on the map indicates the highest population density, Where do you notice the most purple on the map? Explain why you think people live there?


3. Why does western China have less population density?


China Industry Map

1. What part of China has the most industry and how is it connected to the population density map?


2. What natural resources do you find major industrial areas by? Why do you think it there?