West Africa Quiz ESL



West Africa ESL Quiz


1. I had to _____________my yard, so I could plant corn.


2.  In the past, Europeans called _______________came to the West African coast.

3. They live in the shantytowns that surround these cities.

4. Another problem in West Africa is______________, or the average number of years a person is expected to live.

5.  In West Africa there are _______________ religions.  They are ______________, ____________, and ________________.

6.  In the country people either _____________ animals or they farm_____________.

7.  True or False:  In West Africa people speak only one Language.

8. True or False: Many people live to be very old in West Africa.

9. True of False: The governments steal from the people.

10. True or False: Everyone goes to school and has doctors.

11. Write a paragraph telling me how you would help the starving people in West Africa.