Profanity worksheet

Group Members________________________________



1.  Who were Obscenity and Blasphemy laws originally meant to protect? 1 pt


2.  Do you think it is the government’s role to protect children, why or why not? 3 pts


3.  Why did Timothy Boomer get a ticket for and what did the Michigan Court rule. 3 pts


4.   Are “fighting words” protected by the first amendment, and what did the court rule? 2 pts


5. Do you agree with the U.S. Supreme Court on the “fighting words” ruling why or why not? 2 pts


6.  Are “true threats protected” by the First Amendment? 1 pt


7. Explain why your group thinks it’s a good ruling or bad ruling by the court. 3 pts


8. Can you be suspended for swearing in school? How do you know?  2 pts


9.  Can you say anything you want to a teacher or Mrs. Redd and be protected by the First Amendment? 1 pts


10.  Why is the “safe harbor” a good law?  When can you watch uncensored material on MTV? 2 pts