Brown V. The Board of Education

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Brown V. The board of Education


1.  What did Lloyd Gaines want?


2.  What did the Supreme Court say to the state of Missouri and what did they do?


3.  Do you think the Gaines case hurt or helped the separate but equal policy, why?


4. Plessey V. Ferguson was reversed when what happened?


5.  What did the Supreme court Justice say about the ruling of the case?


6.  Do you think that separate but equal was always equal? Why or why not?


7. Where was their resistance to desegregation?


8.  Why do you think desegregation was so hard in the south?


9. What act help speed up the desegregation?


10.  Brown V. the Board of Education was a landmark case, which means it changed much of America. Do you think it’s still important to remember today or is it just old history and who cares?  Tell me why you chose you the answer you did in a paragraph 3-5 sentences)


11.  What did the judges rule in Brown V. the Board of Education?