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Miss Piers' Kindergarten Classroom!

Our classroom is fun and the students will be excited to learn new material.


Our classroom...


Classroom News

  • Wear red May 4, 2009 to support our school.
  • May 20, 2009 we will be going to the Michagan City Zoo to learn about the animals.
  • Our play was wonderful and we had a great turn out.
  • The fire department visited our class yesterday and we learned about fire safety.


  1. Read for 15 minutes with a parent.
  2. Finish math worksheet.
  3. Go over fire safety plan with your family.

In the next two weeks, we will begin to make our dioramas.  Here is a link you and your child can watch to get ideas for the supplies necessary.

Our Class!

Our School!

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Feel free to contact me at anytime.

My school phone number is 219-763-8025.

 Daily Activities

  • Community circle
  • Story time
  • Use of technology
  • Calendar

Yearly Activities

  • On going projects
  • Guest speakers
  • Field trips
  • Word wall
  • Student of the week

Our classroom is...

  • welcoming
  • colorful
  • safe
  • inviting
  • fun
  • warm
  • comfortable
  • positive
  • functional

As a teacher I will be...

  • flexible
  • professional
  • knowledgeable
  • provide a variety of stations and activities
  • use different learning styles and tools
  • create informative and bright bulletin boards

Today's Lessons!




Management Plan

Classroom management is a key component in whether or not students will learn and understand concepts that are being taught.  I feel that if students are in an environment that they feel comfortable in, then they will learn.  As a teacher, I will make my students feel comfortable and welcome in the classroom.  By doing this, my students are able to learn what is being taught.

By Holli Piers