Ms. Wilson

What did you learn?

During this year, I learned how to maximize the extra time to work on task such as prepping for the following week with the help my instructional aides.  I also learned how to collect data using data books which came in handy during the year.  


How did you grow?

I feel comfortable and more confident running IEP meetings.  Members on the IEP team compared my first year to the this year and notice the growth in the meetings and praised me on how good of a job I'm doing.

How have you changed?

Overall this year has been a good one because of my reflection I did over the summer to get ready for the current year.  I told myself that I will make time for me.  This meant not answering any calls, text or emails related to work when I was home.  Last, year this caused a lot of stress in my life.  I'm better prepared to teach my class when I come in the morning.  Before leaving the classroom, I set up my class for the next day so that I'm able to come in the class and spend that time checking emails.  Instead of doing things such as prep, I let my aides help so I'm not overwhelmed.

Where do you want to direct your growth in the future?

I want to contiune to gain confidince and feel comfortable in IEP meetings and building working relationships with my future students and families.  Also, devleop as a teacher by attending teaching workshops so I can grow as an educators.


What common themes are you hearing from our community?

Some common themes that I'm that I'm hearing from our community is learning how to balance home and work life, classroom management and also collect data.