Portraits of Resilience

Attendees of the Portraits of Resilience workshop will be exposed to several lessons focusing on the theme of resilience.  These lessons connect to all disciplines and will help educators create a student who is prepared to encounter adversity and overcome it.  The National Association of School Psychologists recently completed as study which focused on the need for creating a resilient child in the 21st century.  What they concluded is simple-children become more resilient when caring adults take in interest in the lives.  Through the remarkable survival story of Elie Weisel or the touching story of a young Sudan soldier who escaped horror, educators can equip their students with the tools necessary to overcome adversity. Students today struggle with much more than students did a decade ago.  From the daily workload of school, to drug and alcohol abuse, the student of today is forced to overcome an enormous amount of pressure and stress.  The Portraits of Resilience workshop will provide educators with ideas and lessons to become agents of resilience for their students.