Acceptable Technology Use

Acceptable use policy

Schools needs technology policies because students may be on websites they don’t suppose to be on and can cause harm to the computer which can lead to a major problem. The district provides access for students and staff to resources from around the world. Policies are also needed to protect the security of the network and prevent users from introducing viruses or opening their systems and entire network to attacks.

Technology acceptable use policy  

Technology provides students with unique and powerful ways to enhance their learning. We supports the use of technology for the purpose of enhancing and supporting learning and is pleased to offer users access to computer networks so that they can access district-supplied technology to enhance learning any type of day. It is one of the technology goals of the district to ensure that each user’s interactions with technology contribute positively to the learning environment both at school and in the community. Negative use of technology through owned devices inside or outside of our schools that degrades or defames other users, or members of our community is unacceptable. We also  recognizes that users have widespread access to both technology and the internet; therefore,  Use of personal devices and connectivity is considered to be included in this acceptable use policy.

                Acceptable use policy

The use of EIS can put new and exciting resources at the fingertips of both students and teachers. Due to the information lack of restrictions on the internet, parent’s teachers and student be aware that there is a possibility of accessing information that has not been screened by educators and that may not be consistent with other district policies. Individual users will be held responsible for their use EIS. All students and their parent/guardians shall be required to sign and return an acceptable use Agreement (AUP) provided by the school prior to using EIS.


1. The student is responsible for good behavior on the school computer system, just as they are in a classroom or a school hallway. School board policy and school rules for behavior. And communication apply.

2. The student shall use EIS for Educational purpose only, and shall not access or attempt to any materials that are inappropriate to the educational environment.

3. The student will not access or attempt to access information that is not authorized for student use.

4. Students are not permitted to use the EIS for commercial purpose, product advertising, and Political lob.

5.students are not permitted to create, transmit, receive, submit, or publish any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually, threatening, offensive, or illegal material.

6. Students will not use EIS to invade the privacy of others and shall not trespass into other students’ or teachers’ folders, work, or files without permission.

7. The student shall abide by all copyright laws and regulations.

8. The student shall not attempt to harm, modify, or destroy software/hardware or interfere with system security.

9. The student shall not introduce unauthorized software into the system.

10. Students shall not print only when your teacher or media specialist gives you permission.

11. Students will notify a teacher, administrator or media specialist if equipment needs repair. Do not attempt to repair equipment yourself.

Ignoring these rules will result in a referral for computer vandalism, loss of computer usage, suspension from school, and/or restitution for repair and replacement of damaged equipment.