Copyright, Plagiarism, and Fair Use

What is Copyright? Copyright is a word mainly used for the term that goes against the legal ability of the ownership of something that you have in possession over the internet, written work, movies, and many other things. When copyright is taken into court people can be sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars just because they didn’t put down the information about where it originally came from. Now the way to avoid causing all these problems is just by siting where you got the information from. Doing this and siting everything will allow you to be able to use other people’s content and ideas without getting into any kind of trouble. Frist you make your separate area for where you are going to put your links on where you got all your information in this separate part you will put all of your links in that area and the links that you placed in that area will be giving links connected to the information connected to the video and possibly even the music if made by someone else. The whole point to this is to give credit to the authentic creator of the pieces of information and their creations.

What is Plagiarism? Plagiarism is the act itself on the term of stealing information from another this is the act itself. To better explain I previously explained how to not do copyright infringement so that it wouldn’t turn out into something like this which is something that nobody wants, and that is to plagiarize. For the act of plagiarism you can be sentence to jail, be sewed, or even kicked out of college courses. Plagiarism can actually be simplified into 3 different subjects. 1st is using someone else’s exact words without using quotation marks or adding the person’s name. 2nd is using someone else’s words even though you sited and rearranged them in the context. 3rd is summarizing someone else’s words and siting them without giving citations to the work and labelling the original work. To not follow any of the rules and do exactly as the 3 types of plagiarism that has just been explained then many things can happen and you are not promised any type of leniency towards those who steal work and don’t try to do it themselves.

What is Fair Use? Fair use can be said to be as a fair way to make copyright and plagiarism fair to everyone but it only works in certain circumstances. These circumstances can cover the fact that it is used for learning, teaching, using it as criticism, news reporting, or research. Only in these circumstances is it allowed. While the subject of all this is very touchy fair use makes it as fair as possible so that other people aren’t able to steal the original persons’ ideas. To make it fair the law is put into place and like everything else it is only for the purpose of making it all fair. Each offense that you committed can be put into different degrees of punishment. And with these degrees of punishment this is what keeps all of this together making sure that none of what has been held together by law doesn’t fall apart.


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