How To Clean Printer Heads and Ink Cartridges?


Are you also tired of those streaky white lines on your prints? We understand it can be annoying to invest in a printer that stops working properly after some time, but is it your printer’s fault? No, most of the time the reason for streaky prints is the clogged printhead. No matter what printer you use, the problem of clogged printheads is common to all of them. Hence, Check out this article to know how to clean printer heads

Any printer can get clogged easily. Hence, it's important to clean and use your printer regularly. A few of the reasons that cause clogged printheads are dried ink, dust particles, debris and air bubbles in the ink cartridge.

Steps to Clean Printer Heas Clogs

There are three types of print head clogs and ways to clean them: 

  • Simple Clogs: In case the ink in your printhead dries out, you can clean it by simply running a head-cleaning cycle and nozzle check. If your print is still coming out streaky, make sure to run another cycle. Not using your printer frequently is the most common reason for dried ink in the printhead.
  • Stubborn Clogs: Another method is removing the ink through warm water or ammonia-based solvent. It can be done by removing all the ink cartridges and running a dampened paper towel on the print track. Repeat the same step until the ink residue stops coming. 
  • Hardcore Clogs: You can clean the severe clogs through deep cleaning. Soak the printer head in either water or ammonia solution. Let the warm water run through it to flush the impurities. In extreme cases, you can use needles or syringes to do an effective physical cleaning. 

Best Ways to Prevent Printhead Clogging:

  • Use maintenance cartridge occasionally
  • Clean excess ink using a paper towel regularly 
  • Use your inkjet more frequently
  • Run cleaning head cycles once a month 
  • Use genuine OEM cartridges 

We hope you found this article helpful.