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Professor Roy Elberfeld

Welcome to my home page.


I write no poem’s men’s hearts to thrill
No song I sing to lift men’s souls.
To battlefront no soldiers lead
In halls of state I boast no skill
I just facilitate school

I just facilitate school. But poet’s thrill,
And singer’s joy, and soldier’s fire,
And diplomat’s power – all are mine.
For in this little group where still
I just facilitate school.

Are poets, soldiers, diplomats, all,
I see them in the speaking eye.
In face aglow with purpose strong,
In straightened Bodies, tense and tall
When I facilitate school

And they, uplifted, gaze intent
On cherished heights they soon shall reach
And mine the hands that led them on;
And I inspired. Therefore, content,
I still facilitate school.

And thank you God for letting me
Facilitate school