Welcome New Students and Families

Welcome New Students and Families              

We are so glad you have joined the Quioccasin Middle School family!  We hope this page provides some key information and tips to make this journey as easy as possible!  Quioccasin Middle School is the home of the Griffins and our school colors are blue and gold!  Our school was built in 1971 and we have approximately 1170 students enrolled for the upcoming year!

School counselors are available to help you nagivate this journey of being a part of a new school.  Though we will be working virtually, we can be contacted most efficiently through email or through our office number.  We will respond to messages within 24 hours.  Our office phone number is 804/750-2636.  Ms. Gallmeyer, our registrar manages our office phone.

Meet the QMS School Counselors

Tammy Mizelle - School Counseling Director/8th Grade School Counselor Email
Tamela Tyler - 6th Grade School Counselor Email
Erin Sams - 7th Grade School Counselor Email

Important Steps ...

1. Be sure to obtain your child's student ID number - you can get this information from Ms. Gallmeyer, when you complete registration.  If you do not have your child's student ID number, please reach out to Ms. Gallmeyer (804/750-2636) or Email
2. Here is the link to the HCPS website page that houses information about our online tools (including PowerSchool, Schoology, Rycor, Online School Payments, MySchoolBucks, etc.HCPS Online Services Overview
3. PowerSchool - You will want to set up your PowerSchool account next and you will need your child's student ID number to do this.  Here is a quick video to walk you through the process HCPS PowerSchool Directions  If you need assistance with setting up your PowerSchool account, please contact Mr. Paul Jordan, Associate Principal Email
4. Schoology - You can set up your Schoology account after you set up your PowerSchool account.  You will need the access code for Schoology from your PowerSchool account in order to set this up.  Here is a quick video to walk you through this process HCPS Schoology Directions;  Information for QMS
5. For Students - Once you have completed registration, it will take approximately 3-4 business days before your child can receive their access account, get their lunch ID, and be integrated with Schoology and Clever.  Laptop distribution will take 3-4 business days.  When students receive their laptops, they will also receive their login ID and password to log into their laptop and to access all of the online tools (there should be a sticker with this information attached to the laptop).  Students will access all of our online tools using Clever.  Here is a link to the student online training modules Technology Student Training.  The student's email address will look something like this - username (hcps-abcd) @henricostudents.org
6. Understanding the Student Schedule - Here is a link to an overview of PowerSchool and how to read the schedule, etc. Overview of PowerSchool, the Student Schedule and Attendance  Students who have completed registration will see their schedules post in PowerSchool beginning August 28th at 4:00 PM.  How to check grades in PowerSchool: Grades in PowerSchool
7. Click here for Tech Support Request Form. Our Technology Support Technician is working at QMS Monday-Friday, from 8:00 AM-12:00 PM or 12:30-4:00 PM.  HCPS Online Services
8. Quioccasin Middle School Website: QMS Webpage
9. Helpful Information from our Meet & Greet Session on September 1st - Meet & Greet Session - September 1st


QMS Counseling Schoology Course: Connecting with School Counselors - All students will be added to our School Counseling Schoology Course, where we have many resources, tools, lessons, discussion opportunities, etc. for students and families to help you navigate this very different school year (including Technology Resources).  We will post announcements and helpful information in this course as we move through this year.  Students can connect with school counselors using a bit.ly link as well as using the messaging feature.  Be sure to check it out!