Living and Learning

Welcome to Miss Que’s eighth grade class.

My name is Quinetta Johnson, but I prefer my students to call me Miss Que. This is my first year teaching, so I hope to inspire and provide your child with a solid education in and out of the classroom.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Savannah State University, as well as a bachelor’s in  Middle Grades Education, and a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from Thomas University. I have had the opportunity to travel across seas to foreign lands to study diverse cultures and backgrounds. I have high standards for students because I want to expand their minds by putting their minds to work. Teaching is a passion of mine in which I enjoy doing.  As your child’s teacher, I promise to help provide the necessary tools  such as your child being able to remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize various events in history.  Everyone knows that hard works pays off in the end, so a way that I will incorporate this into my class is by awarding those students who have the highest average at the end of the year with a monetary gift card, in which they can use to buy whatever educational tool that will further enhance their educational endeavors. For those students that  are have shown the most improvement, they too will be awarded with a monetary gift card to buy whatever educational tool that will further improve their educational endeavors as well.  Parents, I understand a lot of sacrifices are made to ensure that your children have the best, so with that in mind, parents that are actively involved in their child’s education experience, will also be rewarded at the end of the year.