Art Schedule for 2008-2009

Check below to see when your child has Art.  (Please note this information may be updated as schedules are changed.)

 Day: 1st hr 2nd hr 3rd hr Lunch 4th hr 5th hr 6th hr 7th hr
 Monday3rd gr  prepMS7/8   MS5/6 4th gr 4th gr WebQuest
 Tuesday 3rd gr prep MS7/8  MS5/6 4th gr 3rd gr WebQuest
 Wednesday 1st gr prep MS7/8  MS5/6 2nd gr 4th gr WebQuest
 Thursday 1st gr prep MS7/8  MS5/6 2nd gr 3rd gr WebQuest
 Friday K prep MS7/8  MS5/6 2nd gr 3rd gr WebQuest

 Tutoring (3:30-4:30)

With signed perm. slip only


 be announced     

 Art Club (3:15-4:30)

With permission only

 to  be announced