REACHout - Ann Hendrix

Who Is Bill Cosby?

Choose one of the activities to experience more of Bill Cosby after reading "The Only Girl in the World for Me".

  • Are you a writer?    Log into Galileo using the school password.  Go to the SIRS Discoverer and type in Bill Cosby.  There are several articles on Mr. Cosby.  Choose one of the articles to read and summarize.  Imagine you are creating a "Meet the Author" autobiography for your textbook.  What would you write about Mr. Cosby? 
  • Are you an artist?  Create a comic strip version of the story "The Only Girl in the World for Me".  Your comic strip should have six or eight panels and reflect the humorous elements of the story.  Make a first draft and then use the art paper in the room to create your final copy. You can find lessons on creating comic strips here
  • Are you a dreamer?  Imagine what it would be like to be "The Goddess".  What would she say about her first date with Bill?  How would she tell the story?  Pretend she is writing a note to her best friend about that first date.  Use a sheet of notebook paper to create an old school type note that you wouldn't want to get caught passing in class!!
  • Are you a fashion fanatic?  In the story Bill Cosby mentions Dixie Peach pomade, white leather belts and shining his shoes.  What other fashion fads were popular in the 1950's?  Find out more about fashion here Make a fashion portfolio of drawings or photos to share with the class.  Even more daring?  Encourage a couple of your friends to have some fifties fun and stage a fashion show for us.
  • Are you a mover and a shaker?  The Slinky  and the Hula Hoop became popular during this time period.  Research the history of these items and give a presentation demonstrating them for us in class.
  • Are you a musician?  Research the music of the fifties here  Download some of the music of the times and share it with us in class.
  • And just for fun-  Watch an episode of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids here How have cartoons changed over the years?  What was Bill Cosby trying to teach through his cartoon series?
  • Facebook Fun -  Pick up a copy of the Facebook template.  Create a page for one of the characters in the story.  If you choose to do a character from the early years, research and find out what was popular and what might have been on facebook.