Below you will find the Baltimore County Public Schools standards for 4th grade science, social studies, and health. 



 Recognize and explain that the rotation of the earth produces the day and night cycle.

 Describe how celestial objects in the solar system differ in regard to their properties, location, and patterns of movement and change.

 Identify and explain the relationship among the sun and planets in the solar system.

 Recognize and describe the predictable patterns of tides.

 Identify and describe that matter undergoes physical and chemical changes.

 Recognize and explain that matter has structure.

 Recognize and explain that the earth’s surface features and environmental conditions limit what types of organisms can survive.

 Recognize and explain how renewable natural resources are used by humans to meet basic needs.

 Access and process information from readings, investigations, and oral communications.

 Analyze and develop a well-designed investigation.

 Identify and demonstrate safe procedures when conducting an investigation.

 Communicate findings from hands-on investigations and print/non-print resources.

 Describe and compare similarities and differences among objects and materials and scientific concepts.

 Apply scientific concepts to make decisions about a relevant science issue.

 Recognize and explain that the use of technology extends the ability to do work and solve problems.


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Social Studies: 

Analyze and evaluate the impact of the geography on the people of the United States in general, and Maryland in particular.

 Analyze personal financial decisions, goals, and institutions.

 Analyze and evaluate the impact of geography Native American cultures.

 Analyze goals and consequences of European exploration and settlement of North America.

 Compare early colonial life in Maryland to other colonies.


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Recognize and model effective communication skills.

 Recognize how emotions influence behaviors.

 Identify components to promote personal well-being.

 Demonstrate the ability to locate resources that provide valid health information concerning consumer health issues and services.

 Demonstrate the ability to identify and practice health-enhancing behaviors to reduce health risks and live safer, healthier lives.

 Identify harassment as a form of violence.

 Identify safety rules that will prevent injury or accidents in specific situations.

 Identify the steps in the decision-making process.

 Explain the relationship between fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

 Describe and analyze the Nutrition Facts Label.


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