Course Description




The GT Enhancement Course is a 5-week intensive course designed to help you achieve a GT score of at least 110. This score will open many doors for you, such as the possibility of becoming an Officer Candidate, joining Special Forces, or joining another MOS with this gateway score. Students will be expected to have reviewed and mastered the times tables 1×1 through 12×12 before the first day as this basic skill will significantly increase your speed on the GT test. It is highly recommended you go online to various websites that let you review the times tables through drill and repetition games prior to the course. is one such site. The curriculum will cover three components:

Basic math to include prealgebra: this will take 80% of the class time. Concepts reviewed include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions, decimals, and percents; conversion of fractions to decimals and vice versa; mix fractions; extensive word problems in all basic math areas; proportions word problems; computing simple interest; basic geometry formulas; finding perimeter, area, and volume. Because the basic math portion of the GT is almost all word problems, we will practice extensively on these.

Paragraph comprehension: This will take 10% of the class time. You will learn strategies to maximize your reading comprehension, including finding the main idea, finding supporting details, eliminating obviously wrong answers, trigger words in answers to avoid, and more.

Vocabulary: This will take 10% of the class time. The vocabulary part of the GT involves matching synonyms, words that mean close to the same thing. You will master approximately 120 of the most common words found on the GT.

Practice tests will be taken throughout the course.