Journal First Quarter

Week  September 7 - 11

Monday: Who is the coolest person in history and why?

Tuesday: Who has it better in this country, girls or boys? Why?

Wednesday: Should animals be used in research? Why or why not?

Thursday: What is your favorite room in your house and why?

Friday: Name three things you value most in a friend.

Week  of September 14 - 18

Monday: What do your friends like most about you?

Tuesday: What is the best advice you have ever received? Why?

Wednesday: What does the saying, "Still waters run deep" mean to you?

Thursday: Who is the wealthiest person in the world and how did he/she make their money?

Friday: If you could change your name, what would you call yourself and why?

Week of September 21 - 25

Monday: What makes you laugh?

Tuesday: If you could be invisible for one hour, where would you go or what would you do?

Wednesday: Is there too much violence on television?

Thursday: Why is the grass always greener on the other side of the mountain?

Friday: If I knew my best friend stole my car money, I would…

Week of September 28 - October 2

Monday: What is your style?

Tuesday: What is your first act as the newly-elected President of the U.S.

Wednesday: Should athletes and entertainers be paid the highest salaries in America?

Thursday: Define the perfect vacation.…

Friday: How will you spend the one hundred thousand you just won as long as you do not spend it on yourself?

Week of October 5 - 9

Monday: Why do you think there are Braille signs on drive-up ATM machines?

Tuesday: Name five things you will never do, no matter what.

Wednesday: What unique qualities make you the person that you are?

Thursday: Name ten things that would make you cry.

Friday: Name a book you think should be required reading for every high school student by the time they graduate.

Week October 12 - 16

Monday: If you knew your friend was about to make a huge mistake would you talk him/her out of it?

Tuesday: What would you do if you came home one day and discovered your entire family had disappeared?

Wednesday: What are the 5 qualities you would look for in a mate? List in order of priority.

Thursday: What would you do differently if you were the teacher in this class?

Friday: What is the most romantic meal you would choose for a first date?

Week  of October 19 - 22

Monday: What if your best friend suddenly developed super powers?

Tuesday: If you had to choose between a motorcycle, a car or a truck, which would you choose and why?

Wednesday: What would happen if you discovered gold in your backyard.?

Thursday: If you could explore only one part of the world, where would you go?

Friday: What would happen if there were no telephones, cell phones included?.

Week  of October 26 - 29

Monday: It’s 20degrees out, you are in a rowboat without a paddle In the middle of a large lake and the boat begins to leak. What do you do?

Tuesday: Should a curfew be the same for girls as it is for boys?

Wednesday: What food items do you consider junk food?

Thursday: When you have great news, who is the first person you tell and why?

Friday: If animals could talk, I would ask my pet…

Week  of November 2 - 6

Monday: What is your favorite holiday food? Which holiday?

Tuesday: Do you think God has a sense of humor?

Wednesday: If the speed of light is….what is the speed of dark?

Thursday: If you had a mike for two minutes that would reach every one in the world, what would you say?

Friday: If you could have one occupation perfectly suited to you, what would it be?