About Me

Welcome to our classroom!!!!  I can't wait to spend this amazing year with all of you!!!

I have been a teacher for 17 years.  Although I did not start in this profession, I have always loved the idea of inspiring and working with amazing kiddos.  I have a B.S. in History and Criminology from the Universtity of Florida.  In 2000 I earned my Master's in Criminal Justice Administration.  After briefly working in law enforcement I realized that my passion was working with kids and showing them how an education can open so many doors.  While working as a probation officer I took the courses necessary to earn my teaching certificate.  I am currently certified in Social Studies 6th through 12th and Elementary K-5th.   In addition to teaching in a school and online, I had the amazing opportunity to own my own tutoring company for 6 years where I worked with kids from kindergarten through college. 

On a personal note, I have been married for 11 years to my college sweetheart and have two amazing kids.  Rohan is 9 years old and going into 4th grade, Malini is 7 years old and embarking on her 2nd grade adventure. They both are into martial arts and driving eachother nuts!!!  


Store:  Target, Amazon, Bath and Body (love their candles and hand wash) Barnes and Noble (love to read)

Color:  Purple

Scent: Lavendar

Chocolate:  Dark Chocolate...Yummy

Books:  Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Harry Potter, Wuthering Heights

Movies: Grease

Music:  A little bit of everything (love to dance) 

Sports: Played Volleyball but love college football.  GO GATORS!!!!

Hobbies:  love to craft, read, and create cool birthday parties, travelling

Birthday:  February 2nd

You can edit it, or delete it if you don't want it. laugh

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."  - Abraham Lincoln

Have Fun!
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