Suggested Schedule

8:00 - Breakfast

            Excerise: Get outside, ride a bike, walk a dog

9:00- Continuous Learning Plan - Writing - Journal - keep a journal of these Historic times, and your feelings and                activities

          Lang Arts -  Reading, Spelling or Parts of Speech

10:00 - Math Practice or activities around the house - measurement etc.. see CLP

11:00 - Science or Social Studies/ Map skills/ Online Research

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 - Get outside or Move and Groove

2:00 - Music or Art

3:00 - Board Games


Ideas:  Help plan all the meals for the day.  Help prepare a meal.  Try to create a meal using a budget of only so much money.

Bake a family recipe, following the directions.

Make up your own game with the rules, write them down.