Reading -  Read  one or all of these 5 stories each day - 3x each

Ask yourself - Check for reading comprehension -  Who? Who was the story about?  What?  What happened?    Where?  Setting?  Where is this taking place, a state, a park, ?    When?  Setting, when did this take place, day, month year?    Why? Why did this happen?  Why is this important to read?  


A Rain Forest - Story Please read story silently, aloud and few times.  Explain how this Ecosystem is endangered, do some research, where are the rain forests?


Cezar Chavez and Marian Wright Edleman - Stories Compare and contrast these two AMAZING people using a VENN diagram.

Soil - Story   -  Earth - Yay Earth Day!!  write down all the words you do not know in the story.  

Land Beneath the Waves -  Geography of our EARTH 

Squanto - Story -  Famous Native American, would our first pilgrims have been able to learn what they did with out him, Squanto??