Teaching Philosophy Statement

My teaching philosophy is that one school year can make the difference in the life of a child. I believe that the classroom should be more than just a place where children are legally required to go for 7 hours a day. It takes hard work from not only the teacher and the student but also the parents and community to create a positive learning environment. Children should look forward to attending school and should view my classroom as a safe haven from the negative influences of the world. It is a teacher’s responsibility to provide an environment that fosters educational and personal growth. Spending one school year in my class will help provide my students with a roadmap for their future educational journey.Unfortunately, the lives of many students are less than a fairy tale and the turmoil they must endure everyday at home and in their communities traditionally detracts from their thirst for knowledge. It is my responsibility to provide an environment that strips down negative influences and to inspire them to learn. After sanding down the rough edges, it makes it easier for the student to have confidence in their own learning power. It is also my responsibility to pay attention to my students’ attendance or behavior issues. A student must be present and ready to learn to achieve success in my classroom.A student must know and carry out their responsibilities in the classroom. The most important thing that they can do is to be there every day. Not only does good school attendance help keep the student from falling behind, but it also creates a since of stability. Students also have the responsibility of being respectful to me, their classmates, and themselves. The final responsibility a student has is to do the work that is assigned to them. It is important that the student ask me or their parents for help if they feel that they are falling behind.Parental involvement is very important in creating a well-rounded student. The parents must make sure that their child gets to school and gets to school on time. It is also very important that parents help their children with homework. It is of utmost importance that I maintain an open line of communication with parents. Many times, a quick call to a parent can make a world of difference in a troubled student’s action. Many of the children in the public school system do not come from wealthy families. At times this may lead to shame and self doubt. I want to teach children that intelligence is free. Once they open their hearts and minds to learning, many more doors will open to opportunity. Although children are only in my class for one year, I hope to empower them with a life-long love of education.