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Class Policies and Procedures


In order to ensure that your child receives the best education possible the following Classroom Guidelines have been established:

 Classroom Guidelines

 1.  Be on time and ready to work.  (Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings and bring all materials to class.) 

2.  Respect the rights of others to learn.  (Listen quietly, use appropriate language, and do not argue with teacher and classmates.) 

3.  Quietly remain in assigned seat.  (Students will not talk or leave their seat without permission.  Students must raise their hand, and wait to be acknowledged.) 

4.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  (Objects such as paper wads, pencils, hands, feet, etc. are to be to oneself.) 

5.  No food, gum, or candy.  (Students are to refrain from drinking and eating any food or candy in the classroom at any time.  Gum chewing is not permitted.) 

If a student chooses to disregard any of the guidelines, the following disciplinary actions will be taken. The order depends on the severity of the actions:

  • First Time                        Verbal Warning
  • Second Time                  Addition verbal warning
                                             (I record second warnings in my daily log)
  •  Third Time                     30 minute detention or school detention
  •  Fourth Time                   Parent Teacher Conferencne
  •  Fifth Time                      Referral to Principal

    All assignments are given a total number of points possible.  Points are given based on the following: 

 -          All problems must be attempted.

-          All work must be shown neatly.

-          All work must be done in pencil.

-          All work must be turned in on time with a heading. 

Homework:  All homework assignments must be completed by the beginning of the class period the following day.  Students are required to show ALL of their work.  Incomplete work will be given a zero.  No homework on Fridays.

 Notes/Warm Ups/ DIN:   Class notes are required and should be taken in a spiral notebook.  Warm-ups are also required and will be collected every other Friday.  ALL HOMEWORK MUST BE DONE IN PENCIL!  No Name Policy:    If you fail to write your name on your paper, you will be docked two points.  All work turned in with out a name will be placed in the no name bin.  

Corrections:   Once quizzes or tests are returned students are expected to correct all missed problems on their paper with a colored pencil.  Quiz and test corrections will be collected two days after the quiz/test is returned to the student, along with a parent/guardian signature.  Points will be given for returning the signed and corrected quiz/test and signed grade sheets.