Books and Curriculum

Books for English:

The required reading for 8th grade English is :

  McDougal Littell Literature Grade 8

    The Giver


 Books and Curriculum for Math:

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The required Text for 8th grade Math is Spectrum Math grade 8 workbook features 176 pages of drills and practice in math fundamentals. Recently updated to current national math and testing standards. This workbook for children ages 13 to 14 uses everyday math applications to teach basic skills.

Math skills include:

•Ratio and proportion

•Fractions, decimals, and percents

•Calculating interest

•Perimeter, area, and volume



•Probability and statistics

  Books and Curriculm for Social Studies :

 The  required text for 8 th grade  Social Studies is :

  McDougal Littell United States  History


In Social studies your child will be learning :

Unit 1: An Industrial Society              

 Unit 2: The Progressive Movement  

 Unit 3: The United States: An Expansionist Nation


Unit 4: The United States Between the Wars


Unit 5: The United States Assumes Worldwide

 Unit 6: From World War II to the Present 


 Books for Science:

 The required books for Science:

Holt  Physical ,Earth and Life Science Books