Steven Lardas: Great Performance Middle School: 6th Grade Lang. Arts Room 222

I am very excited to be teaching sixth grade this year. We have a full year ahead of us as we spend our time reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing. I expect that we can work together cooperatively. I am anxious to guide your learning and will give you the respect that you deserve. I will be honest and fair at all times. I expect the same from you. Please adhere to my classroom rules, expectations and procedures.



  1. Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.
  2. Be prepared.
  3. Behave in a manner that is not distracting to me or other students.
  4. Leave non-school items at home.
  5. Show respect for others.

Grade System

40%Classwork/homework, 50%Test and Special Projects, 10%Bellwork

About Me:

     I am a graduate of the University of Education. I have been teaching for 16 years. I have been at Great Performance School for the past 10 years, where I have enjoyed educating the bright minds of the future. I am married and the father of seven children.



 PARENT CONTACT INFORMATION:              Steven Lardas at 555-568-5986 ext. 222    email: