Bodrum Airport Transfers

Bodrum  airport transfers can be organised from nine airports across Turkey by a direct booking and the agency promises to transport passengers from all different airports within a range of some 25 to 35 minutes.Bodrum Milas airport transfers, as well as taxi services, are also available for further transfers within Turkey.


The direct transfer service is very popular with holidaymakers. There are lot of services  from Tenerife, Tignes in France.


To transfer to Bodrum airport, a taxi will be arranged for you. Please note that the taxi will take you directly to the terminal, and in the event that there are no arrivals from Bodrum, the driver will drop you off at the main street. The taxi will accept cash and bank cards (ATM machines will not be available). A single ride costs 3.5 Turkish Lira (approx. 5 EUR) + 10% service tax. Take a taxi from Maltepe to Çeşme (or vice versa), and your transfer to Bodrum will be covered.


Bodrum airport transfers add no more than €10 to the bill and are always cheaper than the coach. A driver-only transfer is just €2-3, though you could negotiate a discount. Download Simodura's app to find the cheapest trip from Bodrum to Marmaris and return to Bodrum.


Bodrum Milas airport transfers is provided by airport and cruise ship companies, as well as taxis, tour buses and limousines


Airport transfers in Bodrum also experience the highest growth in passenger numbers as passengers are arriving via other airports. Hotels In 2016, hotels and attractions were visited by 3.4 million tourists. According to the Ministry of Tourism's forecast, their number will reach 4.2 million in 2017 and 5 million in 2018. The number of hotel rooms increased by 7 percent compared to the previous year.


The airport transfers in Bodrum are very competitive and offer a number of different options. Just choose the best and cheapest, cheapest and most expensive airport transfers from the given sources, and you’ll be able to choose between private transfers and airport transfers offered by travel agencies.


If you need to get to the airport for a flight at the crack of dawn or later, then flying from Bodrum is your best bet. One-way flights to several destinations in Europe, Turkey and Asia, start from as little as 50 Turkish Lira (around £16) - but if you're planning on going somewhere as far as Croatia, prices start from around 1,500 Turkish Lira (£217). There are many well-established international airline companies operating from Bodrum, including Lufthansa, KLM, Finnair, Alitalia and many more .



Bodrum airport reports total of 162,000 arrivals in June.Travelers entering Bodrum's Antalya and Adana airports through European Union member states amounted to 162,000 in June, while the total passengers that entered the airport via these two airports via Turkish borders amounted to about 603,000.


It was stated in a written statement on Wednesday by Bodrum Airport.


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