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         In order to have a safe, open, positive learning environment, certain expectations must be met.  These expectations are based upon Hanley International Academy’s policies and procedures. These actions are expected of me each day as I enter the building and especially the middle school hallway and classrooms.

Middle School daily policies and procedures are as follows:

  1. Come into class ON TIME and PREPARED everyday.
    1. I must have my homework, pencil, books, and other materials that we use on a daily basis
    2. Once I enter the classroom in the morning, I may not return to my locker until lunch time.
  2. Only materials necessary for learning need to be in the classroom.
    1. All grooming and beauty supplies such as brushes, combs, make-up and perfume must remain in my locker.
    2. All food, gum, and candy must be left in my locker or at home.  There is NO eating in the classroom unless it is teacher approved.
    3. All cell phones, ipods, mp3 players and game systems are to remain at home or in my locker.  These items are not necessary for my learning. Students are expected to follow the cell phone policy
  3. I must be in uniform everyday unless there is a planned NUT day or Spirit day.  Even then, I must wear the required appropriate attire.
  4. Follow all school, middle school, lunch room, and classroom policies.
  5. I should respect myself, my teacher, and my classmates by exhibiting proper behavior and using appropriate language in class and in the halls.
    1. During instruction, I must stay in my seat and listen attentively.
    2. During individual work time, I must focus on my assignment and if it is necessary that I talk to a neighbor, I need to use a quiet non-disruptive voice.
    3. During group work, I need to focus upon the task at hand rather than play with my friends.
    4. In the hallway, I must respect the other students in the school by remaining quiet and not looking, hollering, or waving into another classroom.
    5. I must use age and place appropriate language at all times.  I may not curse, threaten, nor use any other language that causes ill-will toward others.

Hanley Academic Uniform policy is as follows:

  1. Hanley Middle School Uniform Shirt: Light Gray polo or Light Blue long sleeved oxford
  2. Pants, Skirt or Jumper:  Tan pants properly fitting casual/dress pants (no stretch pants, sagging, short skirts or shorts)
  3. Undershirts or Turtlenecks: White or Gray
  4. Solid Sweater: Navy, Black (Cardigan only, No sweatshirts or hoodies)
  5. Shoes: Solid Black casual or dress shoes
  6. Belt: Solid Black
  7. Tights and Socks: Black, brown or white tight for girls (No fancy tights), and Black, or White socks for boys/girls
  8. Jewelry: necklaces and post earrings only (No hoops or dangling earrings for purposes of safety; No metal, rubber, or plastic bracelets-they can be a distraction in the classroom), watches of an appropriate size with no sound, nose or other facial piercings are prohibited,
  9. Glasses – prescription glasses only

Hanley P. E. uniform policy is as follows (MUST CHANGE INTO UNIFROM AFTER GYM):

  1. T-shirt: Hanley “Huskies” Physical Education T-shirt
  2. Pants/Shorts: Solid Navy, or Black sweatpants, track pants, or athletic shorts
  3. Shoes:  Proper gym shoes ONLY
  4. Jewelry: Only post earrings on P. E. day (No necklaces or bracelets)
  5. Hair: Students with long hair must wear hair tied back for purposes of safety

All of these policies are enforced in the middle school daily.  I am aware that after my initial warning, continued disregard of these rules will result in one of the following:

1st offense – Verbal warning

2nd offense – Silent Lunch

3rd offense – After school detention and a note/phone call home

4th offense – Second detention

5th offense – Third detention – will result in a suspension

  • Continued issues following the first suspension will require a mandatory parent meeting

(Please note consequences may change based upon the severity or frequency of misbehavior)

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What is Middle School Madness?

  1. Middle School Madness is a reward system based upon the collection of “Madness Points”
  2. Students are given Madness Points for exhibiting desired behaviors, going above and beyond expectations, or doing something positive to benefit the school or others
  3. Students turn Madness Points into their homeroom teachers throughout the month
  4. The homeroom class with the most Madness Points at the end of each month will receive a reward (i.e. free dress day, free gym time, free movie, etc.)

How do students obtain Madness Points?

  1. Students can receive Madness Points from any participating adult
    • Classroom/Specials teachers
    • Administrators
    • Lunchroom staff
    • Any adult staff member can request Madness Points be awarded
  2. Students earn Madness Points individually by exhibiting the following behaviors
    • Modeling appropriate behavior in line, hallways, classroom etc.
    • Helping others
    • Making good choices
    • Doing something positive (out of character for that specific child)
    • Standing out in the crowd (positively)
    • Please make sure students write their names on these tickets

  1. Students earn Madness Points as a class by exhibiting the following behaviors
    • Behaving most appropriately when all MS students are gathered
    • Everyone in uniform
    • Everyone turns in assignments, permission slips, homework, etc. on time
    • Receiving a complement from a passing staff member
    • Completing tasks (using the restroom, fire drills etc.) properly, quickly, and respectfully

May I give Madness Points to any student or does he/she have to be in my homeroom?

  1. Teachers are encouraged to give Madness Points to any Middle School student exhibiting desired behaviors

Can students earn individual rewards for collecting Madness Points?

  1. Yes, at the end of each month, one Madness Point will be drawn from each homeroom.
  2. The student whose name is on the ticket will receive a reward which may include:
    • Eating lunch with the staff member of your choice
    • Free dress for an individual (this will occur on NUT day, but the student will not have to pay)
    • Free homework pass

What is my responsibility as a teacher in regards to Madness Points?

  1. Teachers are asked to pass out madness tickets on a regular basis to students modeling the above listed behaviors
  2. Teachers will count Madness Points each week and turn in their totals to Mrs. Fowke so she can inform the students how they are doing


Please know that at Hanley Academy we have a strict cell phone policy that will be enforced should your student’s cell phone be seen or heard.  This policy can be found on page 21 of your “Family and Student Handbook”. (See below) The students are well aware of the cell phone policy; we revisited this policy in great detail during our whole group assembly.  It is important that you speak with your student about our cell phone expectations giving particular attention to the consequences as outlined below. 

Please sign and return acknowledging that you have discussed the cell phone policy with your students. Students are to return this form to their homeroom teacher.


Cellular Phones are not permitted at Hanley International Academy. If a phone is seen/heard the following will be enforced:

1st Offense:  Phone confiscated and returned only to parent/guardian of student.

2nd  Offense:         May result in 3 day suspension

3rd  Offense: May result in 10 day suspension, up to and pending possible expulsion.

©2013 Adapted from Board approved Handbook.