Biology 1 Honors

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Biology 1 Honors: Course Description

 This one year course is designed around introductory biological concepts designed for the academically-oriented student. Emphasis is placed on developing critical-thinking skills, research skills & laboratory techniques. Independent study projects and inquiry-based learning experiences are integral parts of the course requirements. This course will fulfill one of the two science credits required for high school graduation and the college entrance requirements for a laboratory science.


Upon completion of this course, you will learn to reason scientifically & think flexibly, as well as improve your problem-solving skills, reinforce your communication skills, and learn a wide range of scientific concepts. You will also learn to value science and understand the connections between yourselves and the world around you, and how these connections are shaped.


We will be studying introductory biological concepts this year, including: Ecosystem Dynamics/Interactions, Matter & Energy in Ecosystems, DNA & Heredity, Evolution/Natural Selection, and Homeostasis

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Google "doodle" on the discovery of photosynthesis!

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