Reading Comprehension


  1. What are teens reading?  Check out this link for today's most popular choices.

  2. 103 things to do before/during/after reading.

  3. Quizlet is great for all subjects. The site includes games, instruction and tutorials. Students will love it!

  4. Various classroom strategies to build and strengthen literacy skills.

  5. Student Interactives from

  6. Reading comprehension site from the university of Connecticut. The site includes creative ways to teach vocabulary, test comprehension strategies, and much more! Check it out!

  7. Puzzle maker (simple to use).

Free (and legal!) books for Kindle:

          1. Customizable site for quick picks.

          2.  Secondary site for free Kindle books.

              Kindle software for pc (free).

Graphic Organizers:

  1. Graphic organizer templates:  Edhelper or Eduplace

  2. Tons of free downloadable graphic organizers to help with any subject area.

  3. Learning Concepts has put together an entire book of graphic organizers for any teacher to utilize in their respective classroom.

Reading Strategies:

          1. Thorough and well arranged strategy list with descriptions.

           2.   Exhaustive collection of "essential strategies." 

          2.  List-type approach to be used as suggestions for readers.

          3.  Reading as a strategic activity.

          4. What do good readers do?

          5. Princeton University offers hints on how to read textbooks more efficiently. 

          6. This site has something for everyone.  Graphic organizers, reading comprehension hints and much more.