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One Minute Reader 

 Kids use this program to self monitor their fluency. Students can choose from a variety of passages, and then complete a "cold" and "hot" read cycle. A cold read is known as the first read a student completes of a passage. It's new, and they have never seen it before. A "hot" or "warm" read is the second or third time a passage is read. With One Minute Reader, kids begin with a cold read, then listen to the story read aloud through the Ipad, then finish with a warm read. Then a cute little temperature monitor shows their difference between the hot and cold read and then collects all the information in pretty little bar graphs to show progress across the week. One Minute Reader is available at all grade levels but it will cost you. Something this great is never free.  It's $19.99 per level, but it's a one time fee and you have it forever. Kids love it and it's a great way for them to set and reach their own fluency goals. Learn more about it here. ​