Developing as an Educator

Reflecting back on the CSTP Self - Assessment to my Professional Goal

Long term goal: Develop, adapt, and integrate assessments into instruction that provide ongoing data to guide planning differentiated instruction matched to assessed needs of students.

Reflect: I have made great strides in reaching this goal. As I get more comfortable with the Montessori materials, this becomes easier.

Short term goal: Create Personalized Learning folders for each student.

Reflect: I made every student a Personalized Learning folder, however next year, I will focus on students using them more efficiently.

Describe a professional goal you have for yourself.

I will complete my Upper Montessori Credential by June 2019.

Why have you identified this as a need or interest?

I want the best for my students, therefore I need to have a greater understanding of Montessori teaching practices.

What action will you take?

I have enrolled to NAMC (North American Montessori Center).

How will you assess goal attainment?

I will have an Upper Montessori Teaching Credential when I complete the program.


Actions I will take

to Remain Connected to Others


How I will Sustain my Energy to

Remain Passionate

A Quote from my



I will continue to collaborate with my co-workers. Three of us, with myself included, are enrolled in the NAMC credentialing program.

I will also stay connected with the teachers I have met through the EAT Foudation. I will be taking my last class with them this summer.

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Learning to know when I need a break and how to say "no" sometimes. Also, I will attempt to balance Home Life with Work Life.

When I'm working, I put forth 100% effort and my family knows that. But, they also expect 100% when I'm spending time with them.

Summers in Hawaii!!!
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Rebecca is hard-working, punctual, and sets high standards for herself

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   Good Day, I said Good Day.









What advice do you have for new teachers entering the profession?

Everyday is different. You can plan every little detail and something will still go wrong. Take these as teachable moments. On the flip side, there is no greater feeling than seeing a child's face when they finally understand something, the unmistakable lightbulb moment.

Take time for yourself. You need breaks and Holidays to recharge just like your students. Also, make time to enjoy your family, your work will still be there.