Rebecca Kelly

Welcome to my website!

My name is Rebecca Kelly. I am an Upper Elemantary Montessori Teacher at Springs Charter School in Murrieta. I teach grades 4th - 6th. This is my second year at Springs and my third year teaching.  


Why I teach

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Why Casa Montessori Murrieta?

Montessori philosophy believes in each child’s innate willingness to learn, allowing children to work at their own pace, with a balance of teacher-selected and student-selected activities. As such, Montessori schools are designed to help each student discover and develop their unique talents and possibilities. They treat each child as individual learners and do not rely on rewards and punishments to motivate. Rather, children are encouraged to “learn how to learn,” thus gaining independence and self-confidence.

• On-Site Instruction Days — Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:00am – 3:00pm

• Homeschool Days — Monday, Tuesday

• State Credentialed Teachers with Montessori Certification

• Student to Adult Ratio 25:1

• Multi-Age Classrooms – Dr. Montessori observed a natural progression of three-year developmental stages and designed classrooms to address these stages.

Primary – Kindergarten only (5-6 year-olds)
Lower Elementary – 6-9 year-olds (1st – 3rd grade)
Upper Elementary – 9-12 year-olds (4th – 6th grade)

 Individualized Learning – children are assessed formally and informally to guage readiness for concepts

• Small Group Lessons – children receive direct instruction in small groups based on readiness for subject matter

• Integrated Curriculum – lessons are integrated across the curriculum. There are no set times for instruction (ex—math time, language arts time)

• Freedom of Movement – children are free to choose where and with whom they work as long as distractions are kept to a minimum

• Work Periods – the schedule is set so that as much as possible each class a large block of time between one and a half hours to three hours to work and receive lessons. This give children time to really explore subjects and concepts at a deep level.

 Independent Learning – after lessons children complete follow-up works designed to foster mastery of concepts and skills

• Community Building – teachers and students work diligently to create a cooperative learning environment where children take care of each other and treat each other with the utmost respect.

• Time Management – children learn to manage their time between lessons, follow-up work and projects of their own choosing

• Montessori Materials – manipulatives developed by Dr. Maria Montessori which allow children to grasp difficult abstract concepts with concrete materials

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of Casa Montessori is to create an authentic Montessori learning environment for children in grades K-6th grade.  We do this by incorporating the Montessori hallmarks into each classroom.

How do we Personalie Learning for Each Student?

~Individualized Learning—children are assessed formally and informally to gauge readiness for concepts
~Small Group Lessons—children receive direct instruction in small groups based on readiness for subject matter
~Students are given the opportunity to choose among a variety of ways in which to demonstrate understanding as well as to pursue their own interests.
~Students are given the opportunity to engage in their interests and create projects to demonstrate their understanding. Students learn a variety of techniques in order to understand, analyze and synthesize new knowledge. The Power Tools were designed using time-tested techniques and process which help students choose the tool that will best help them learn new material.

Why Pearsonalize Learning

Students who are engaged in their learning will love learning for life!

Goal Setting

Students are encouraged to work with the teacher to design their work and to discuss their progress.

The Community is Our Classroom

Students have the opportunity to engage with the greater community through educational field trips, community service opportunities and through school-wide events.

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