About Me


 My passion for inspiring children to explore and take charge of their own learning has always guided me as a teacher. I believe that children should learn through thought provoking and engaging lessons. Teachers must exude an upbeat and vibrant energy that will be reflected by my students. The climate of my classroom will provide a safe and positive learning environment. Every student learns differently, therefore I will allow for individual work preferences. I believe that hands-on and movement-oriented activities should be incorporated in the classroom. In my classroom, I will strive to provide students with choices in order to add depth to their learning. Students should be given options about how they express their learning, whether it is through a writing piece, a diagram, a painting, or a puppet show. My passion for nature will be reflected in my classroom when we use natural materials. I will also teach the children to delve into the many things that they can learn from being outside, in nature.

            My optimistic attitude is reflected in my beliefs about the importance of a positive and energetic classroom environment. Every student expresses his or her knowledge differently. Teachers should adapt one over-arching activity into multiple different activities that students can choose from. Teachers must allow students to express their understanding, through mediums that make sense to them. I believe that teachers should offer a wide variety of assessments in order to fairly gather data about their student’s varied skill levels. I believe in the importance of early social-emotional skills and will teach acceptance and open-mindedness, through group and partner interactions. I will teach the importance of communication through daily discussions and morning meeting. Being able to work together creates a community of learners, who know how to share, be respectful of other’s ideas, and put their minds together to solve a problem.

            I feel that my main contribution to society would be through inspiring children and instilling the confidence necessary, in order to take charge of their learning. My purpose in my classroom is for the students to leave with the belief that their creativity is a unique and powerful tool.