Ms. Roberson - Freshman Seminar

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  If you drink Crystal Light (or one of the off-brands), please bring in the empty cylinders with lids for a project we will be doing later in the semester.


DATE(S) TO REMEMBER:  Binder Check 9/24/09 (1st, 3rd, 4B, 5th, 6th) and 9/25/09 (4A)


Welcome, Students and Parents! 

In addition to the Red Team supplies (2”-3” 3-ring binder, 5 pocket dividers, college ruled paper, blue or black pens and pencils), students in Freshman Seminar will need:

  • 1 composition notebook (black and white speckled; no spiral notebooks)
  • For the class:  dry erase markers (any color; at least a pack of 2)
  • Highly recommended:  monthly/weekly planner