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Figurative Language


a figure of speech that has a different meaning all from what it says.


1: She let the cat out of the bag.  Meaning: She told a secret.

2: We hit a bump in the road. Meaning: There was a small problem.

3. I had to jump through hoops to get these tickets for you.  Meaning: I had to do a lot of work for the tickets.



Extreme exagerations


I have told you a thousand times to clean up your room!

Mr. Snuggles barked a hundred times before I took him outside.

There were millions of people in the grocery store.

My dad snored all night long.


comparing two items by renaming the other one a completely different thing


My dad is a roadhog when he drives.

Your eyes are diamonds.

This French Chocolate Silk Pie is heaven.



comparing two things using like or as.


"Mama always said that Life was like a box of chocolates."

He was as stubborn as a mule.

She swims like a fish.

The ballerina is as graceful as a dancing swan.

That mean sales woman hisses like a snake.

The snowflakes fell like marshmallows dancing in the air.


Language Arts Websites


Game that helps you tell the difference between Nouns and Verbs

Game that helps you decide to double the consonant or to change the y to i and add -ed or -es


Matching homonyms


Prefixes and Suffixes

Reading with tables to show prefixes and Suffixes! Who knew there were soooooooo many prefixes and suffixes that came from so many places in the world?!

Greek Influences Game by Scholastic

Exploring Onomatopoeia

Really cool sounds to listen to and to describe the sounds!!!

Writing Websites

This website is one of my favorites. The author of this website has provided lots of free handouts with ideas and word study for increasing your writing skills. I recommend checking out the following freebies. You can download them and save them or you can print them:

Writing ideas and processes with activities.

This website is provided by the county with plenty of links to practice your writing skills!

Parts of Speech

Helping Verbs


Linking Verbs


Action Verbs 

Who's Whose Quiz (Their, There, They're)


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