Mrs. Adair's First Grade

First Grade Parent Newsletter #24


This week we are reading the stories “Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper’s House” and “Good Books, Good Times!”  Please practice our word wall words and spelling words at home with your child this week.   Also, in the boxes are three sentences for your child to read to you.


Word Wall Words:  told, because, across, only, shoes, dance, opened


Spelling Words:  slowly, careful, quickly, useful, painful, playful, sadly, gladly, nicely, wonderful, because, across



Kate swam across the pool quickly.

We were thankful the dance was in a cool room.

The dog is playful because it sees its food.



Mon-Print first 6 spelling words 4 times each. Read story. Read lib. book.

97-63=       (please stack the math problem)

Tues-Print last 6 spelling words 4 times each. Read story. Read lib. book.

57-42=    (please stack the math problem)

Wed-Read story. Read library book.

Thu- Print an asking sentence using each read the words. Read story. Read lib. Book. 27-16=  (please stack the math problem)

Fri-Read library book.


Upcoming Events:

Feb. 27-Mar. 2 Read Across America Dress Up days. 

Feb. 28 Dress like something you want to be when you grow up.

Feb. 29 Dress wacky (mismatched clothes)

Feb. 29 Author visit Michael Finklea books available $7.00 each.

Mar. 1 Dress like a Tiger (Wear Meek Tiger gear)

Mar. 2 Dr. Seuss Day (Wear a crazy hat)

Mar. 6 Pictures due    Mar. 9 Chittlin Supper



Contact: or call 205-221-9425