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Mrs. Renée C. Love

Gaffney High School

French Instructor 

Welcome to my class this year!!! 

Materials needed for all classes:  a 1.5 to 2 inch three ring binder, paper, pencils, pens 


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GRADING SYSTEM Students will receive daily grades (written, speaking, lab work, etc.), quiz grades, projects grades, and chapter tests grades.  Test and projects count 50%, quizzes count 30%, and classwork counts 20%.  Homework and First Move assignments each equal one quiz grade at the end of the nineweeks. Although quizzes can be assigned on any day, the foreign language test day is Thursday. 

EXTRA HELP My office hours will be on Monday afternoons from 3:30 until 4:15 or upon request by individuals (except on Wednesday). 

HOMEWORK Students will have written activities or vocabulary study for homework.  French homework is necessary since everything learned is new. Most assignments are short and need to be completed at home. All students have a 100 average for homework at the beginning of each quarter.  Points are deducted for incomplete or missing homework assignments based on the number of written homeworks assigned. 

REDO OF TESTS During each nine weeks students may retake one failed test.  Tests must be taken on the retest day (before or after school).  Students will be given the date of the retest on the day the original failed test is returned. Redo is a favor given by the teacher and is given at my convenience.  85 is the highest grade a student can receive for a retest.