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What Is Resilience?

We define resilience as the ability to overcome and recover from struggles -- essentially our toughness, mentally and emotionally. It is that ability to get knocked down and get right back up. Individuals that show this quality "find a way to rise from the ashes" (Psychology Today). Under conditions of hardship or stress, those resilient individuals maintain postivity in their attitude and emotions and are often able to absorb failure as feedback.

Characteristics of a Resilient Individual

According to Hara Estroff Marano in her article "The Art of Resilience," "At the heart of resilience is a belief in oneself -- yet also a belief in something larger than oneself" (2003).

So, what makes a person resilient? Below, we take a look at those defining characteristics:

  • Acceptance -- Healing is a process. We will encounter stressful situations. As difficult as these times may be, a resilient individual has the ability to recognize them as they are -- moments in time that will pass. They trust themselves to recover.
  • Others -- Resilient individuals know that they are not alone and use the help that is available to them. Family, friends, anyone willing to support them. They are also able to recognize when they need that help.
  • Possibilities -- Rather than wallowing in the present suffering, resilient people are able to view situations from different angles, oftentimes understanding that any situation is seen through tinted glasses: how we feel in the moment. Being able to separate from that emotional response is a valuable tool in understanding.
  • Self-care -- Again, instead of allowing themselves to dive deeper into the emotional reaction to a stressful event, resilient individuals maintain their own health even in difficult scenarios. Not only physical wellness, but emotional and mental wellness also. Take a hike, paint, write, draw -- whatever fills your cup!



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