Community Resilience

Throughout the world, communities band together when disaster strikes. Whether a hurricane, flood, or other type of disaster, communities can be affected and hurt rapidly and to a large scale. It is imperative, then, that communities develop resilience together.

The Community and Regional Resilience Institute describe the ideal resilient community: "Resilient communities minimize any disaster’s disruption to everyday life and their local economies. Resilient communities are not only prepared to help prevent or minimize the loss or damage to life, property, and the environment, but they also have the ability to quickly return people to work, reopen businesses, and restore other essential services needed for a full and timely economic recovery" (What is Community Resilience).

In those terrible times, effective and resilient communities survive because of preparedness and their ability to -- as a group -- deal with disaster.


Strategies to Strengthen Community Resilience

The US Department of Health and Human Services provides a great plan for strengthening that resilience.



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