Resilience for Couples

Every relationship will have ups and downs -- difficult times and the happiest ones. Anything from the banal day-to-day events like paying bills or grocery shopping to tragedy such as losing a job or a loved one, sharing in these events can take its toll on any relationship. However, developing resilience in that relationship, maintaining a strong bond by bouncing back together, can help on the path to a long and fruitful partnership.


Habits of Resilient Couples

Kelsey Borresen of the Huffington Post offers seven most common habits of those resilient couples. Check out her article here!

The Role of Communication

Caring communication during difficulties like tough conversations is one absolutely crucial element to developing resilience in a committed relationship. Learning how to communicate effectively in a compassionate manner provides a platform from which to share those things that keep us up at night. See Paula Davis' article on communication and resilience in relationships for a great perspective on this topic.