Family Resilience

Just as individual resilience can be defined as bouncing back from adversity, family resilience is the family's ability to rebound or withstand strenuous circumstances and life challenges. Family resilience, according to Marianna Pogosyan, is not just about weathering the storm, however. It is just as much "about turning adversity into a catalyst for the family’s growth" (2017). It is about building quality relationships that can simultaneously be relied upon and learned from, making each participant more skilled at dealing with the adversity of life.

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Resilient families' beliefs share similar characteristics:

  • Construct meaning through crisis
  • Positive outlook
  • Place value in spirituality


The family structure of resilient families:

  • Support -- economically and socially
  • Flexibility
  • Kinship or Connectedness


Communication in resilient families:

  • Problem solving as a team effort
  • Express their emotions
  • Clear and consistent communication



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