Mrs. Rideout's 8th Grade Resource Classroom Website


Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to 8th grade!  I teach resource math and language arts as well as a resource study class.  This year we will work hard to help students be successful during 8th grade and prepare them for high school.  I have very high expectations of my students because I believe everyone can succeed!  This website will provide information about daily assignments and upcoming tests in resource math and language arts.  Upcoming tests and project due dates for general education classes will also be listed.  

If you ever have any questions or concerns please contact me by email at or call the school at 490-7930.

Mrs. Rideout


8th grade students may have homework that needs to be completed mostly at home!  The 8th grade teachers will accept late homework during the first semester for half credit. However, during second semester late homework will not be accepted.  The homework policy helps the students learn responsibility as we prepare them for high school.  All IEP accommodations regarding homework will be followed the entire year.

Resource Class:

During resource class language arts/reading and math remediation will be done for half to most of the period. The remaining time (approximately 15 - 20 minutes) will be spent reviewing homework assignments and assisting students with homework they are struggling with.  Please help encourage students to complete assignments as much as they can at home and skip the parts they need extra assistance with.

Classroom Expectations:

1.       Be Prepared

·          Bring a pencil, pen, folder, paper, agenda book, and textbook

·          Sharpen all pencils before class begins

·          Turn in homework

2.       Be Responsible

·          Be on time to class

·          Begin bellringer work/activity

·          Write assignments in agenda book

3.       Be Respectful

·          Treat people, property, and self with respect

·          No put-downs